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The Storms of Business Strategies

Life is not always easy, and things take place we often do not understand. We have burdens and strains that may not be the most conducive for our situations; this, the case for recent tragedies in our society.

From hurricanes, to fires, to shootings, to kneeling/not kneeling, to more shootings, to celebrity deaths (or not), this has been a year, hasn’t it? I can’t say it has been the best PR year for the President, the NFL, or the weather. Umm… anyway,

Let’s reflect, shall we? In reflection we find our true analytics. This is the PR Measurement tool at its finest.

2017 Highlights: We have a new president, and in Ellisville, MS, a new Mayor. We have seen life swiftly change, and for some change has been easier than others. We have, for the first time in history, seen the situational debate over what is/is not respectful regarding our National Anthem. We have witnessed massive issues that have hit the press, and yet, we are still here. We have made it, and surprisingly, we are somehow figuring out this little thing called communication, which is where the analytics play their strongest role: Are we where we hoped we would be, when we originally issued our proclamation regarding our future goal sets? Have we continued our originally communicated message of hope? Where do you find yourself in this measurement-this self-reflection?

In our individual lives, we all set goals. For myself, I created a spreadsheet in Dec. 2016, stating all 2017 goals, both relationally and professionally. I mapped out every little detail, even down to the dust bunnies under my bed! So, here we are in Oct. 2017. I will be 39 soon. I am sitting in my new office as the CEO of the first Public Relations Firm in Ellisville, MS. (CEO had a nice ring to it at first, haha!) Now, I am just the person who loves empowering other people to live their dreams to the fullest. I have a need, a deep seeded need, to find the place of peace, then share it with the world. It is really NOT about me, it is about THOSE AROUND ME.

Further reflection/analytics lain out are as follows:

Goal: Open my pr firm, and cause growth to my own industry, thereby increasing awareness of the world of PR in my own town.

Objective: I knew this would be a challenge going in. I needed people, good people who would stick with this and learn with me. I also need media engagement, and funding. I needed a story to share with the world, something positive that would bring people together, with our fighting, negative reciprocity, and fear of sharing this story with others.

We are new here. Our firm, being the first of its kind in the area, would be a challenge. We had to find ways to let others know the services we offer. We build websites, and  blog about business strategies, but what else should we share? What is our MAIN GOAL?

Strategy: Help OTHERS. Seriously. This was my goal, and still is, to assist the growth of others. Now, here’s the clincher: MANY businesses (in my opinion) have things backwards. The bottom line is, of course, their bottom line. I understand this, I really do, but the problem that comes into play is the client focus is shifted from client to self. So, the strategy here at KD-PR, LLC, is SIMPLE: By growing YOUR business, we grow. We CANNOT grow without YOU. We can try, but we are so client focussed that we cannot so this UNLESS we grow you.

Tactics: We put together press releases sharing with the media what is going on with OUR CLIENTS, not with us. We will build their websites, create their business cards, brochures, t-shirts, and all advertising media messages necessary…but, EVERYONE, I DO MEAN EVERYONE, is doing this already, so what sets us apart from the other guys? Well, we offer video and photography, and graphics, and well, you name it and we are covering it. There is nothing we are afraid of. Still, is that enough? Something feels off, and it is. Dear friends, it is just this: The PASSION in which the message is shared IS what is missing in the lives of others. It is so obvious, I mean, look at the mess going on around us! So, THAT is what makes us different. We are not here to just be your voice, we are here to help you AMPLIFY YOUR OWN! NO ONE, not one person, can speak YOUR words for you the way you wish them spoken. So, what we do is pull up a chair beside you and go through all the dirty stuff with you. This is from bookkeeping to PR to your publics. We craft plans to suit your needs, and if there is something missing, or something you don’t like, we are here to fix it with you. We love objectivity, and adore OPEN communication. You cannot properly succeed without proper communication.

We will implement each method into your campaign, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Will we share what is going on with us? Why, sure we will, but our focus is again, client driven. We contact as many media entities as possible, sharing the positive stories of our little town. We love it here and want you to love it, too!

Where we are now: We have published two books, built five websites, this far, created business cards for five different clients, We are working with the media more regularly these days. We are all learning each other.

We have set a goal of 20 clients by the end of the year. We are working with five currently, and growing. We are learning client retention strategies, and focusing on reaching out to them more often. One of the challenges we have faced is having the time to follow up with everyone. We are learning about this, and finding ways to improve on this. (We apologize.) Are we perfect? We are not, by any means. Are we perfecting each imperfection? Yes, yes we really are!

So, join us on this journey of clientele and personal growth. The wonders we will see are what we anticipate with every step!