What is Public Relations? Is it advertising? Is it marketing? What is the world is PR?

This question came to the surface, yet again, when discussing what we do on a daily basis. When speaking with my better half on the topic of PR, he said to me, “I have no idea what you do!” He, an accountant, is used to the world of numbers. As a Public Relations Specialist, I am used to the public. It is quite a world, this world of PR. We have publicized books, created numerous items for public use, and speak out for our clients on a daily basis. We are their voice.

At KD-PR, we want to be so much more than the voice of our publics. We want to teach them how to best effectively use their voices; we want to help them to roar.

Is it business growth you seek? Contact us. We will empower you to ROAR.