Public Relations Guru, Katherine Parker

Katherine D. Parker, CEO, of KD-PR, LLC, launched this company with one vision in mind: to positively affect everyone in some small way. However, that vision has grown from its humble beginnings, to now serving some of the largest clients in the South.

Parker, 40, is a resident of Ellisville, MS, and graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, with her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a minor in Mass Communications Studies. She was the Public Relations Specialist for WHJA, Power 101.1, FM, in Hattiesburg, and enjoys working with clients across the state with her independent Public Relations Firm in Ellisville, MS.
In her past time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys playing the piano and singing, as well as public speaking and assisting companies to find the best possible avenues of growth and PR measurements.

#ThoughtfulThursday; just be

Sooo, I have been thinking: what ACTUALLY engages us as an audience? That is an open-ended thought, right? Well, mostly, but more specific, what keeps us scrolling through news feed after news feed in an era of overly saturated information? Could it be our endless search for mental stimulation, or maybe it is for something deeper: maybe we are all searching for the real meaning of life?

Perhaps, in the midst of the rush, we can live un-peacefully, unhappily, but happy together.

Whatever your particular case may be, I pray you peace to just “BE.”



Introducing #WackyWednesday!

We want to hear from YOU! You have a business, be it family, or an external business. Either way, you have a business, and in that business wacky things happen. So, here’s the deal: we want to know your WACKIEST stories! We want you to tell us the details, and all the funny things in-between, kind of like a bloopers reel. We need these stories once a week, and at the end of each month, we will compile these #WackyWednesday stories, then choose a winner from all stories complied.

You could win shirts, hats and gift certificates to your favorite restaurants, so tell us…what is YOUR WACKIEST story?